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Divine Soul Work References

"Akim has completed the training as a constellator of the new era and can successfully implement the depth and breadth of the constellations of the New Age.I wish him continued success and happy clients."

Anne-Karen Fischer, certified psychologist & healer,

"Dear Akim, thank you so much for your Yoga classes. You have the gift to convey the essentials and to make it felt. All the best🙏"

Purna Devi Judith, practitioner, on yoga classes

"Perfect balance between being awake and asleep for journeys into other realms of consciousness.

Before Akim took me on a journey to a past life, he transformed my body and mind through his energetic work so that I could rest in a deep trance state. Throughout the journey my inner critic fell silent, my inner visions were clear and without any doubts for me to experience. Akim was a patient, empathic and spontaneous spaceholder. He even guided me into an additional journey into a timeless dimension, which needed to happen. Throughout the whole session I felt guided and got the needed space for my own experience to be expressed and felt held in focus. After about two hours I returned to the present, radiating full of energy, connected with an until then never known  version of myself. This experience was enlightening and gifted me the knowledge of the power of runes. I can recommend this treatment to everyone who wants to broaden their vision and experience the potential of his healing work."

Ronny on Divine Soul Transformational Healing

"I highly appreciate Akims' classes because he is a serious seeker and inspires his students to follow the path of Yoga. His teachings are very sensitive and full of love, definitly an enrichment to the World of Yoga. Thank you, Akim!"

Vani Devi, Yoga Teacher and Sadhika

"I got to know Akim and  appreciate him as a serious seeker of truth, who is ready to open up for all depths on the spiritual path to support others on their way. All the best to you!"

Janavallabha Das, Healer & aAyurvedi,

"I stepped into Akims' Workshop by accident, not knowing what to expect.

Intense three hours followed, in which Akim guided the group in a very pleasant way through our sessions. Akims patient and calm presence made the process and the whole experience work on a deep, sustainable  level.
The final round of talks was moderated by him in a very sensitive way.

The whole Workshop was very intense and I am thankful for this experience, which had a long-lasting effect on me. "

Valerie R. on Divine Constellation Work

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