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Divine Soul Transformational Healing

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Divine Soul Healing

Come to heal.

Price upon request

In the Divine Soul Transformational Healing Sessions, I intuitively combine different kinds of healing techniques, working with Reiki​, Prana-Healing and Source-Energy as well as physical techniques such as Marma-Therapy and acupressure points to then dive deeper into your subconsciousness to find the source of your issue.

Generally, I will start your session by opening up our personal, sacred and safe space of healing, to then specify what you want to achieve and set your intention.

This is followed by an over all cleansing of your energyfield to release all fixations consciously or unconsciously connected to your issue.

During that process I might be giving you a specific energy such as "will-power", "trust", "confidence" - to empower you to consciously step into the following process.

Depending on your own personal needs, this following process might contain an energetically and vocally guided journey to your subconsciousness to meet your inner child or your younger or even past-life self, which experienced the root of your issue.
This might also include meeting your inner man, woman or even your inner Guru to experience and manifest a higher state of being and becoming who you are meant to be.

Duration app. 120 minutes.


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Energy Healing

Price upon Request

As well as in every other session, we will open up the sacred space of Divine Soul Healing for an environment of trustfully opening towards the positive changes you want to welcome in your life and to set a powerful Intention.

You will be laying, sitting or standing for the treatment, so that I can find and release your energetic imbalances. I will do this online or in person and will be working with Source-Energy, Prana Healing and Reiki to balance, clean and fix your Chakras and energetic injuries to solve the blockages correlated  to your issue.

Duration app. 90 minutes.


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Ancesteral Healing and Gestalttherapy

Price upon request

After opening your Sacred Healing Space​, I will guide you through your ancestry to that specific person who caused your problem in the first place. You will give back the energies you and your ancestors had to carry unknowingly from one generation to the next to put everything back to where it originated.

This technique is a great opportunity for you to not only free yourself from the burdens of the past, but also to heal the energetic traumas of your ancestors as well as to prevent your kids and following generations from experiencing the same difficulties as you did.


Working with Gestalttherapy, I will guide you energetically and vocally to locate the emotion which correlates with the issue you are facing. We will work out, what your emotions concerning your issue want to show you, to than transform pressuring energies into high frequencies of acceptance and understanding.

Duration app. 75 minutes


Please note:


For Gestalttherapy and Ancestry Healing, a preceded Energy Healing or Divine Soul Transformational Healing Session is mandatory.

Both Gestalttherapy and Ancestry Healing could be part of the Divine Soul Transformational Healing though.

For further informations such as pricing and other requests concerning your personal treatment, please get in touch and provide some personal details about yourself, your life situation (e.g. family, realtionship, and job situation) and the issue you are dealing with.

Also provide your phonenumber and/or social media contact, so that we can have a phone- and/or video call before your treatment.

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