What I do

I provide your personal safe healing space  to experience and release your  traumas and guide you to your true, divine nature. 
 This is done by balancing and cleaning your state of being through energetic and shamanic healing techniques, ancestery healing & past life regression, 
Inner Child Work, Gestalttherapy, Constellation Work and Yoga.


Come to heal.

Divine Soul Work


Healing through

On the quest through life, I found myself confronted with topics touching my deepest inner core and shaking me up to the roots of my existence. Walking through different stages on the path to self-realization, I have found, that the most efficient and sustainable way of healing is that of self-discovery. So this is, what I offer from deep down my heart: Full support to help you find out, who you really are and how to realize this in your daily life.

May all the blessings be with us to find our way back to our divine and eternal soul.


With Love and Light,

"If you want to know who you were, then see who you are. If you want to know who you will be, then see what you do."


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